In the News: Wood Toy Maker in Cochran Donates to Toys for Tots, Making Middle Georgia Great

Dec 23, 2011

Bill Stoy is a carpenter of sorts. He spends his retirement from the Post Office, in his workshop making wooden toys.

But behind all the noise and clatter of a typical work shop, Stoy is a quiet man from meager beginnings.

“I was born in ’27… Depression years,” Stoy explains. “My mother had six kids, my father died when I was three.. I had no toys when I was small.. we were lucky when we had food on the table. So I figured I could help somebody else from going through that.”

Stoy’s hobby is unique. His work shop is full of his favorite toys. All of which, he made by hand.

Wood airplanes hang from the ceiling. Cars, trucks, and tanks fill the benches and countertops.

The kitchen inside his house, is the “bedroom” for the doll cribs he creates.

“I don’t sit still, I will not sit and watch TV!

Bill even makes his own pens out of wood.

But having the gift of carpentry isn’t the most unique part of Bill’s story..


It’s Bill’s desire to help, that makes this one, take off.

“All children should get toys for Christmas… Christmas is for the children.”

Everything in the shop goes. Bill is giving all of the toys he made to Toys for Tots this year. The planes are taken down, the cars are loaded up. And Bill doesn’t ask for anything in return.

I’ve got a nasty habit, I give everything away. That’s what my wife says. You give everything away!

Because Bill lives in Cochran, all of the toys he donated will go to kids who live in Bleckley County. 


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